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Figure 1

From: Neonatal resuscitation: evolving strategies

Figure 1

Important changes to the neonatal resuscitation algorithm as per the 2011 guidelines. (1) Recommendation of 21% oxygen for initial resuscitation of term infants and use of a blender to titrate inspired oxygen based on target preductal (right upper extremity pulse oximeter values – table); (2) Use of PEEP/CPAP preferably with a T-piece resuscitator; (3) Corrective steps to improve PPV by mask using the acronym “MR SOPA” – M – mask adjustment and R – reposition airway should be addressed first, then the next two steps (S – suction mouth and nose and O – open mouth). Then if there is not adequate chest movement, move to P – pressure increase and A – airway alternative with endotracheal intubation or laryngeal mask airway); (4) Use of two-thumb technique for chest compressions from the head-end of the bed to provide room for umbilical vein catheterization; and (5) early use of intravenous epinephrine. Copyright Satyan Lakshminrusimha.

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