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Table 4 Significant factors associated with syphilis screening among pregnant women from final multiple logistic regression model

From: Factors associated with syphilis screening uptake among pregnant women in health facilities in Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana

Characteristics Adjusted odds ratio (AOR) (95% CI) p-value
Type of ownership   0.004**
Private Ref  
Public 5.49 (1.71-17.65)  
Pregnant women willing to request for screening   
No Ref 0.011**
Yes 2.72 (1.26-5.88)  
Gestational age   
1st trimester Ref 0.0015*
2nd trimester 9.09 (1.09-75.58)  
3rd trimester 16.47 (2.02-132.81)  
  1. *Likelihood ratio test **Wald test.