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Table 3 Answers given by obstetrical providers in response to survey questions regarding implementation and practices related to delayed cord clamping (DCC)

From: Steps for implementing delayed cord clamping in a hospital setting

Questions: Yes % (# yes, # no)
Have you performed DCC in the past 6 months? 96% (21,1)
Do you feel that you have a sufficient understanding of the risks and benefits of DCC? 91% (20, 2)
Are you aware of the DCC policy for preterm newborns ≤37 and 0/7 weeks? 91% (20, 2)
In the past 6 months, are there preterm newborns ≤37 and 0/7 weeks that you intentionally opted for early cord clamping instead of DCC? 73% (16, 6)