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Table 4 Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping (DCC) Protocol

From: Steps for implementing delayed cord clamping in a hospital setting

1. Prior to delivery, establish a consensus that cord clamping will be delayed for a specified duration (range 30–60 sec).
2. Prepare two warm sterile towels for transfer of the infant from the obstetrician to the neonatologist.
3. An assigned timekeeper starts a timer as soon as the infant is delivered from the womb, and thereafter announces the time in 15-second intervals.
4. DCC: Upon delivery, the infant is held in the warm towel by the obstetrician and cord clamping is delayed for the specified interval.
5. When the delay interval has been reached, the obstetrical provider clamps the umbilical cord in standard fashion and calls out “Cord clamped!”
6. During the DCC interval, it is appropriate to call out any possible safety concerns as they may arise.
7. The infant is transferred to the neonatologist’s warm towel and routine newborn resuscitation is performed per current NRP guidelines.
8. The duration of DCC is recorded in the electronic medical record.