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Table 1 FGR definition in recent literature

From: Early onset fetal growth restriction

Institution / Author FGR definition
Baschat et al 2007 [101] Combination of small fetal AC with elevated UA Doppler blood flow resistance
Cochrane 2013 [65] Failure to reach the growth potential
DIGITAT 2012 [38] EFW or AC <10th centile for gestational age
ACOG 2013 [40] Fetuses with EFW <10th centile for gestational age
RCOG 2013 [41] Small–for–gestational age (SGA) refers to an infant born with a birth weight less than the 10th centile.
Fetal growth restriction (FGR) is not synonymous with SGA.
SOGC 2013 [39] Intrauterine growth restriction refers to a fetus with a EFW <10th centile on ultrasound that, because of a pathologic process, has not attained its biologically determined growth potential.
PORTO 2013 [6] EFW < 5th percentile & umbilical artery PI >95th percentile
TRUFFLE 2013 [3] AC < 10th percentile & umbilical artery PI >95th percentile
Gordijin et al 2016 [43] AC <3rd centile OR EFW <3rd centile OR AREDF
Both of the following: 1) EFW or AC < 10th centile and 2) UtA PI >95th centile OR UA PI >95th centile.
  1. AC abdominal circumference
  2. AREDF absent/reversed umbilical artery end diastolic flow
  3. EFW estimated fetal weight
  4. PI pulsatility index
  5. UtA uterine artery
  6. UA umbilical artery