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Table 3 Surgical site infection bundle at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

From: Surgical site infections after cesarean delivery: epidemiology, prevention and treatment

Perioperative elements
 Preoperative standard antibiotics
 Preoperative intravenous azithromycin 500 mg
 Chlorhexidine alcohol skin preparation
 Use of clippers instead of razor
 Vaginal cleansing by povidone-iodine
Intraoperative elements
 Removal of placenta by traction of umbilical cord
 Suture closure of subcutaneous tissue if wound thickness greater than 2 cm
 Suture skin closure instead of staple closure
Postoperative elements
 Dressing removal between 24 and 48 h
 Daily use of chlorhexidine gluconate soap after removal of dressing