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Fig. 1 | Maternal Health, Neonatology and Perinatology

Fig. 1

From: Transitional fetal hemodynamics and gas exchange in premature postpartum adaptation: immediate vs. delayed cord clamping

Fig. 1

LPM network schematics of the transitionary fetal cardiovascular circuit. Connecting lines represent the arterial, capillary and venous resistances and compartments represent the compliant chambers of the corresponding elements. Arrows describe the direction of flow in vessels and/or valves. Green colored line represents the connections that open during the fetal-to-neonatal transition and the blue one stands for the connections that close. LV: left ventricle, LA: left atrium, RV: right ventricle, RA: right atrium, PA: pulmonary artery, CA: carotid artery, UB: upper body, BR: brain, SVC: superior vena cava, TDAo: thoracic descending aorta, LUNG: lungs, ADAo: abdominal descending aorta, PLAC: placenta, UA-PlVR: umbilical artery-placental vascular resistance, Abd. + LB: abdomen+lower body, UV: umbilical vein, IVC: inferior vena cava, DA: ductus arteriosus, PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance, CVR: cerebral vascular resistance, DV: ductus venosus

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