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Table 2 Study Participants

From: Perceptions of health professionals regarding minimally invasive tissue sampling (MITS) to identify the cause of death in stillbirths and neonates: results from a qualitative study

Focus Group Discussions with Healthcare Providers Total FGDs =4; n = 32
 Senior Health Care Providers (RMOs, Senior Consultants, Head Nurses) 2 groups
(8 participants in each group)
 Junior Health Care Providers (MCPS & FCPS Trainees, Staff Nurses) 2 groups
(8 participants in each group)
Key Informant Interviews with Clinicians Total KIIs = 4; n = 4
 Gynecologists 2 KIIs
 Neonatologists 2 KIIs
Key Informant Interviews with Bioethics Experts Total KII = 2; n = 2
 Expert from Clinical Trials Unit 1 KII
 Behavioral and Social Science Expert 1 KII
Key Informant Interviews with Public Health Experts Total KII = 2; n = 2
 Population Health Expert 1 KII
 Community Health Expert 1 KII