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Table 4 Budget

From: Helping Babies Breathe (2nd edition) implementation on a shoestring budget in Zanzibar, Tanzania

HBB Implementation Budget - Zanzibar, Tanzania
Trainer Transportation Expenses
  Lodging ($70/day)$2100.00
  Local Transportation ($100/week)$400.00
  Meals ($200/week)$800.00
Implementation Expenses
  7 NeoNatalie Complete Training Sets with Upright Bag-mask Resuscitators (Dark)$602.00
  27 Upright Newborn Bag-Mask Resuscitators$504.00
  27 Penguin Newborn Suction Devices$121.50
  Freight Costs to Zanzibar, TZ (HBB Training Supplies)$330.00
  Training Snacks and Drinks ($30/training)$120.00
  Miscellaneous (ex: pens, printed materials, binders, name tags, etc.)$100.00
Partner Expenses & In-Kind Donations
Trainee Transportation Fees (Covered by Zanzibar Ministry of Health)$1890.00
Facility Rental (Covered by Zanzibar Ministry of Health)$200.00
2 HBB Flip Charts and Posters$60.00
80 HBB Provider Guides$88.00
Total Project Costs$9015.50