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Table 1 Pubmed search strategies and search details for perinatal mortality and its determinants

From: Perinatal mortality and its determinants in Sub Saharan African countries: systematic review and meta-analysis

S. No. Search terms and strategies Examples of search details
1 Incidence/prevalence AND rate/ratio “(((Incidence/prevalence[All Fields]AND(“risk factors “[MeSH Terms] OR (“risk”[All Fields] AND “factors”[All Fields]) OR “risk factors”[All Fields] AND determinant[All Fields] AND (“perinatal mortality”[MeSH Terms] OR (“perinatal”[All Fields])))”
2 Risk factors AND/OR determinant
3 Perinatal mortality AND/OR perinatal death
4 Outcome/death AND/OR still birth
5 Early neonatal death AND/OR neonatal death
6 Sub AND Saharan