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Table 3 Multivariate linear regression modelinga of factors influencing singleton CD rate

From: Factors associated with cesarean delivery rates: a single-institution experience

Factor Standardized Beta P-value
Physician gender (males vs. females) 0.369 0.0001
Patient age 0.301 0.0004
Proportion of high-risk deliveries 0.210 0.01
Specialty (MFM vs. non-MFM) 0.147 0.027
Forceps rate −0.240 0.0003
Total number of deliveries −0.209 0.003
  1. aMultivariate linear regression model using step-wise backward elimination procedure. The variables included in the initial multivariate model included: average patient age, years since completion of residency, physician gender (male, female), total number of deliveries, forceps rate, vacuum rate, specialty (MFM, non-MFM), provider (specific provider or practice), practice model (solo, group), and proportion of high-risk deliveries (percent). The following factors were removed by the model since they met the criteria for removal (p > 0.05) in order of removal (practice model, vacuum rate, provider, and years since completion of residency)