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Table 2 Reasons of late first ANC in the 129 participants who started booking ANC after 12 weeks

From: Why do pregnant women present late for their first antenatal care consultation in Cameroon?

Reason Frequency Percentage
Financial difficulties 45 34.5
Busy schedule 25 19.4
Uncertainty of pregnancy 9 7.0
Fatigue 3 2.3
Unawareness of gestational age 2 1.6
Laziness 8 6.2
Thought this was the right time to come 12 9.3
Long distance to the hospital 45 34.5
In apparent good health 18 14.0
  1. The mean gestational age at booking was 14 weeks ±1.2 week. Amongst the 293 first ANC attendants, 129 participants (44.0%) started their booking ANC late (after 12 weeks of gestation). As shown on Fig. 2, for those who started their first ANC late, 68.2% (30.0% of total) started between 20th -28th of gestation. The commonest reasons of late first ANC advanced by these 129 participants were financial difficulties (34.5%, 45), long distances to the hospital (34.5%, 45) and busy schedule (19.4%, 25). Other reasons advanced by these women for late initiation of ANC are as shown on Table 2