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Table 3 Generalized linear mixed model analysis for activity and sleep outcomes for Delta Healthy Sprouts participants’ infants

From: Infant activity and sleep behaviors in a maternal and infant home visiting project among rural, southern, African American women

Outcome Explanatory variable OR 95% CL P
Non-confinement timea Infant age (in months) 1.1 1.06 1.20 < 0.001
Knowledge correctb 17.4 3.31 91.02 0.001
Knowledge incorrectb     
Sleep durationc Infant age (in months) 1.3 1.23 1.40 < 0.001
≤ High school education 2.2 1.11 4.38 0.024
> High school education     
  1. OR odds ratio, CL confidence limits
  2. aConsisted of 5 ordinal responses; education was not a significant covariate
  3. bBased on response to keeping an infant in a bouncy/car seat most of the day; item was coded as correct if the response was correct at both baseline and study end and incorrect otherwise
  4. cAdherence to National Sleep Foundation age specific recommendations for amount of sleep; regular bedtime was not a significant covariate