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Table 3 Odds ratios for ASD diagnosis in the children of mothers using/not using antidepressants during pregnancy

From: Association between antidepressant use during pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder in children: a retrospective cohort study based on Japanese claims data

Antidepressant exposure All children Children with ASD Age at ASD diagnosisa) Crude OR Model 1 ORb) Model 2 ORc)
n n (%) average (SD), month OR (95% CI) P value OR (95% CI) P value OR (95% CI) P value
Non-user 26,730 423 (1.58) 39.1 (14.8) 1 (Reference) 1 (Reference) 1 (Reference)
User 195 7 (3.59) 41.3 (18.5) 2.32 (1.08, 4.95) 0.03 2.37 (1.10, 5.09) 0.03 0.76 (0.27, 2.18) 0.61
  1. Abbreviations: OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval
  2. a)Age at which the child was first diagnosed with ASD.
  3. b)Adjusted for maternal age at birth and gender of the child.
  4. c)Adjusted for maternal age at birth, gender of the child, and maternal depression diagnosis during pregnancy (Disorders F31, F32, or F33; International Classification of Disorders).